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"Test-Driven Development changed the way I write code."

Have you been around Test-Driven Development (TDD) practitioners? So, you have heard this before.

They like to brag about TDD benefits such as:

  • fewer bugs
  • productivity gains
  • code easier to maintain
  • stress-free developer life
  • abnormal level of confidence in code

I know it sounds too good to be true. But, few practices have the label "Transformational" used as often as TDD.

But let's talk about the question that's on your mind: If TDD is so good, why is it not widely adopted?

Although TDD is a simple concept, it is hard to master.

But don't worry about that. This Workshop will take you there.

At the end of this Workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the steps involved during a TDD session.
  • Drive the development using automated tests.
  • Test-drive code with External Dependencies.
  • Use refactoring techniques to improve code safely.
  • Write long-lasting tests resilient to changes.
  • Be successful with TDD in the context of a Team.
  • Confidently evolve and maintain legacy applications using TDD.

All using C# and your favourite tools.

I risk saying that at the end of this, you might become test-addicted.

Is this Workshop for you?

Do you want to improve your tests and code? If so, this Workshop is for you.

If you have built C# .NET applications and have written unit tests in the past, you know all that's needed.

I believe in learning through experience. So, you can expect two days of hands-on and collaboration moments. Warning: This is not a lecture-type workshop, so come ready to participate actively.

What will you need?

I'm a strong believer you should learn using your favourite day-to-day tools. So, in this Workshop, you only need:

  • Your favourite IDE (Visual Studio, JetBrains Rider, VS Code)
  • .NET 8
  • Docker (no need for Kubernetes)
  • Git
  • Account

How can you take the Workshop?

You can find this Workshop at:

If you are looking for private training for your team, contact me for more information and to schedule training.