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Here you can find some of my talks.
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  • Apache Kafka in 1 hour for C# Developers

    Are you a Developer curious about Apache Kafka? Have you never had the time to dig into it?

    No problem. In this session, we will dig into it. We will go on a journey to unveil how I've built an event-driven system to power my Patreon account using Kafka. We will focus on the parts you need to know to build Event-Driven Applications. Explore the basic concepts and recommendations. And learn about how to use C# and KafkaFlow, an Open Source framework for .NET.

    Even if you know nothing about it, you can expect to go home with the basics to start your Kafka journey.

  • The Grand Unified Theory of Clean Architecture and Test Pyramid

    Clean Architecture and Test Pyramid are two important theories of the software world, but how to combine them?

    If you ever dug deeper into any of them, you know that the number of interpretations is exponential, so there’s no “one way to do it”.

    This is a highly opinionated talk based on my experience, with an approach to combine them. We will go through an API built with .NET, but the ideas are technology agnostic.

    If you have faced those challenges, this session is for you. You can expect to go home with a simple and clear way to address them.

  • Embracing Simplicity

    Are you tired of juggling with complexity every single day? Don't you wish for a simple life?

    Technologists tend to have a passion for complexity. But because of that, we tend to overcomplicate when we face a new challenge.

    Finding simple solutions doesn't need to be a magic trick. In this Code free session, we will explore the value that Simplicity can bring to your life and how you can apply it in your day-to-day life.

    If you live in the software world, this session is for you. You can expect to go home with some handy Simplification tools.