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How to write excellent code (that everyone gets it).

You, my fellow developer, are great at writing code.

Unfortunately, your future self will struggle to read that amazing code.

So why isn't reading code as easy as writing it?

Well, it is!

As far as first, you write simple and clean code.

How Clean Code can help

Clean Code is a set of practices to make code easier to maintain, by improving clarity.

So, how does it work?

The idea is simple. You continuously apply a ton of minor improvements. Inevitably, they will result in high Code Quality.

How to write Clean C# Code

In this course, I'll take you to every detail that makes code easy to read.

I'll explain the principles, how it works, and how to improve the code.

You'll see many examples, so then you can apply these recipes when facing a code smell.

At the end of this, you'll know what makes Code Clean and how to improve your C# code.